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Bandit Camp Rust Gambling

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  • Website
  • Established 2021
  • Licences N/A
  • Company APEGANG
  • Affiliate Programme Affiliates
  • Provably fair game modes
  • Huge player base
  • Cryptocurrency withdrawals
  • Claim free scrap every 15 minutes
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  • Bonus: 0.15 scrap + 5% deposit bonus + free daily Rust cases
  • Wagering: N/A
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Overview, an emerging Rust gambling site, invites gamers to participate in an exhilarating online experience. Established in 2021, it has rapidly garnered attention within the gaming community for its unique offerings. As an innovative skin gambling site, provides a plethora of exciting options for players to bet skins in a variety of game modes, adding a thrilling new dimension to the conventional gaming experience. The platform is recognized worldwide for its user-friendly interface and transparent operations, ensuring a safe and enjoyable gaming environment for all. With a dedicated commitment to constant improvement and innovation, aims to redefine what players can expect from an online gambling experience. Bonuses & Rewards

At the heart of’s unique appeal is a range of enticing bonuses and rewards to enhance your experience. One such feature is the provision of free scrap every 15 minutes. This not only keeps the game exciting but also provides players with constant resources to leverage. also offers level-up rewards, ensuring that every bit of progress is acknowledged and rewarded, thereby enhancing the satisfaction derived from the game. Additionally, the platform offers free daily cases, adding a layer of surprise and anticipation to your daily logins. These rewards are not only incentives to play but also add an unexpected and delightful dimension to the overall gaming experience. Free Rust Cases is ecstatic to announce their new offering: Free daily Rust cases! They are providing every Rust enthusiast with the opportunity to enhance their Rust gambling experience without spending a single dime. Just log into daily, and claim your free Rust case packed with a variety of in-game items including Metal Tree Doors, Punishment Masks and Cursed Cauldrons. Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned survivor, these free daily cases are guaranteed to add more excitement to your Rust adventures. Don’t miss out, join the today and start claiming your free Rust cases! Free Scrap

Are you ready for a grand start at With our exclusive promo code VIPERSLOTS, you can get a head-start in the game. Here’s the best part – at sign-up, you are entitled to receive 0.15 scrap absolutely free! But, hold on, the fun doesn’t stop there. Every 15 minutes, you can additionally claim 0.03 scrap. Dive into the thrilling world of and let your adventurous spirit soar! To claim free scrap click on the ‘Deposit’ button and then ‘Free Scrap’. Level Up Rewards

At, rewards are at the core of the gaming experience and are dutifully handed out to players who level up. The unique reward offered for levelling up is a Rust case, a container filled with exciting and potentially valuable items. To earn a Rust case as a level-up reward, players must immerse themselves in the games, strategically playing to garner experience points (XP). It’s essential to understand that in, XP isn’t merely handed out; it’s earned through wagering. As the stakes climb higher, so does the thrill of the game, making the journey to levelling up an exhilarating adventure.

Requirements To Claim

To claim any rewards from, users must meet specific requirements that help ensure both fairness and active participation in their gaming community. First and foremost, your Steam level must be 5 or above. This indicates an active, engaged user who will value the rewards they receive. Additionally, you need to be a member of their Discord server, as this fosters communication and a sense of community among users. Please also note that your Steam profile must be set to public. This allows them to verify your account’s authenticity and that it meets the requirements. Lastly, they kindly ask that you show your support for by including “” in your Steam username. This helps spread the word about their platform, contributing to its growth and success. Lastly, you must use our promo code: VIPERSLOTS.

How To Claim Free Scrap

  • Visit using our link.
  • Sign in using your Steam login details.
  • Meet all of the requirements listed above.
  • If prompted please input our promo code: VIPERSLOTS. Games

On offer is a wide variety of exciting game modes that are all provably fair, ensuring a level playing field for all players. Experience the thrill of Crate Battles where you pit your wits against other players, or try your luck with Wheel of Fortune, a game of chance where luck is your biggest ally. If you’re looking for a challenge, the Scrap Upgrader game mode can test your strategic skills. Or face the unpredictable in Minefield Madness, a test of luck and intuition.

If you’re a fan of surprises, don’t miss the Crate Unboxing mode – a treasure trove of surprises awaits. For those seeking light-hearted fun, the Beancat Blast game promises a dose of hilarity. And if you enjoy a game of chance, Spinner Battles will keep you on your toes. With this diverse range of games, ensures there’s something for every player.


This Rust gambling site, offers a varied range of banking options for users. You can fund your accounts using cryptocurrency and Prepaid Gift Cards. For fans of in-game assets, you have the option to deposit using CSGO, Rust, and TF2 skins. Once you’ve made your deposit, you have the flexibility to engage in a variety of game modes. If you’re lucky enough to win, you can make withdrawals with Rust skins or cryptocurrency. To withdraw Rust skins, remember to first purchase the skins you want from the site’s store. This banking versatility and security is what makes this Rust gambling site a trusted choice among gaming enthusiasts everywhere.

Payment Options

  • Rust Skins
  • CSGO Skins
  • TF2 Skins
  • Cryptocurrency

Customer Service

The brand are love providing top-notch customer support to all users. They offer live chat support to cater to your immediate questions and concerns. Their CS team is readily available on their official Discord server, where they engage with the community and provide real-time assistance. You can also reach the team via their official Twitter account for updates and quick support. Please note, to maintain the quality and safety of the on-site public chat, users must reach level 3 before gaining access to this feature. This ensures a safer and more focused environment for all users.

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Bandit Camp Rust Gambling

Mobile Options

Despite not having an official app, the website offers a highly optimized mobile version. This mobile interface is carefully designed to ensure all of the features and functionalities that are available on the desktop version are accessible on smaller screens. The user-friendly layout, intuitive navigation, and responsive design make sure that users can enjoy a smooth and seamless experience on their smartphones or tablets, anytime and anywhere. It’s like having the full power of right in your pocket!

Player Safety & Security

At this Rust skin gambling site, player safety and security are their number one priority. Despite the absence of traditional licensing, you can trust that your gaming experience is both secure and fair. We’ve tested and vetted the site extensively, ensuring that the platform is reliable, and all transactions are handled with utmost integrity. However, it’s important to note that there is no specific information available on responsible gaming. As such, we advise players to play responsibly, ensuring their gaming experience remains enjoyable and safe. Remember, the safety of your experience is as much your responsibility as it is theirs. Affiliate Programme

The affiliate programme is a rewarding initiative that allows you to earn a passive income through your network. This programme is structured around 5 affiliate tiers, enabling you to increase your earning potential based on the number of participants you refer. The more people you bring to, the higher your tier and the higher the kickback from your referrals’ bets. The beauty of this programme is that it allows you to earn between 1% and 3% of your referrals’ bets, offering a sustainable and scalable avenue for income generation. Join the affiliate programme today and start reaping the benefits of this rewarding programme. Create your own personal creator code today!

Our Verdict

With over 1,000+ players online at any one time, has emerged as a leading destination for Rust gambling. The platform has gained the trust of many Rust gamblers due to its transparency, fairness, and robust security measures. Its user-friendly interface, coupled with a variety of game modes, caters to both novices and seasoned gamblers alike. The fact that comes highly recommended by many players in the community is a testament to its credibility. All things considered, our verdict is that is a reliable, engaging, and rewarding avenue for Rust gambling. We have given the site a rating of 8 out of 10.

  • Game Selection
  • Customer Support
  • Payment Options
  • Safety & Security
Overall Rating 8/ 10


Is legit? indeed holds a legitimate position in the realm of Rust gambling sites. It provides a platform for Rust enthusiasts to engage in various gambling activities safely and responsibly. Ensure to engage with the site’s policies and guidelines to maintain a secure and enjoyable experience.

Are game modes provably fair?

Indeed, the game modes on are provably fair. This transparency ensures trust and fairness in the gaming process. The outcomes of the games are determined by algorithms that can be verified and audited independently, guaranteeing that the house does not have any undue advantage over the players. The term “provably fair” is a testament to this transparency, signifying that the integrity of the game is upheld, and every player has a fair chance at winning.

Can I really claim free scrap at

Absolutely! is currently offering an amazing promotion for new users. Simply by signing up and using the promo code: VIPERSLOTS, you can instantly claim 0.15 scrap. That’s not all, you can also claim an additional 0.03 scrap every 15 minutes. However, please note that there are a few requirements for this offer, so make sure to check those out before claiming your free scrap.

How do I withdraw Rust skins from

Withdrawing Rust skins from is a straightforward process. First, you will need to visit the site’s Rust skin store. This is where all available skins are, and you can browse through the collection to find the ones you want. Once you’ve selected the desired skins, you can proceed to purchase them. After the purchase, the next step is to send the skins to your Steam inventory. This requires you to set up your Steam trade URL on You can find this URL in the Steam client’s trade settings. Enter this URL in the appropriate field on, and the site will automatically send the skins to your Steam inventory.

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