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Casino Info
  • Website rustypot.com
  • Established 2017
  • Licences N/A
  • Company RustyPot
  • Affiliate Programme RustyPot Affiliates
  • Well established site
  • Provably fair games
  • Fast Rust skin withdrawals
  • Jackpots can grow to big amounts
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RustyPot, established in 2017, is an innovative platform dedicated to enhancing the Rust gambling experience through a unique gambling component. As an industry pioneer in incorporating gambling elements within the Rust gaming sphere, RustyPot provides an intriguing blend of strategy, luck, and skill, all wrapped within an atmospheric post-apocalyptic setting. This multifaceted platform allows players to bet items from their Rust inventory in a variety of game modes, thereby introducing an additional layer of excitement and risk to the gameplay.

The user-friendly interface, coupled with reliable and secure transactions, ensures an effortless and worry-free gaming experience for all users. The site also boasts a dedicated and responsive customer support team, ready to assist players via Discord. RustyPot’s commitment to creating a dynamic and engaging gaming environment is reflected in its consistent upgrades and additions to the platform, all of which contribute to its growing popularity among the Rust gaming community. There is an on-site chat available where you can discuss everything Rust-gambling-related. To use the live chat feature, deposit $25 or more.

RustyPot Deposit Bonus

The RustyPot platform offers an incredible 40% grub deposit bonus when depositing with prepaid gift cards. This impressive bonus serves as a testament to RustyPot’s commitment to rewarding its users and enhancing their experience. The ease and convenience of being able to use prepaid gift cards for deposits, coupled with the generous bonus, make RustyPot a go-to platform for users seeking both fun and value. So, grab your gift cards and get ready to claim your 40% grub bonus on RustyPot today! You can purchase prepaid gift cards on Kinguin.com.

RustyPot Flash Giveaways

RustyPot flash giveaways are a fantastic opportunity for any Rust player seeking a thrilling, spontaneous gaming experience. By merely joining the site’s Steam group and linking your Discord account, you open the doors to a world of unexpected rewards. What makes RustyPot’s giveaways stand out is their unpredictability – they can happen at any moment, adding an exciting element of surprise. So if you own Rust and love the thrill of unanticipated rewards, don’t miss out on RustyPot flash giveaways. This could be your lucky day.

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  • Visit RustyPot using the link on this page.
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  • Enter our promo code: viperslots in the RustyPot Referral Code box.

RustyPot Games

RustyPot is a premier Rust gambling site that offers two main game modes: Jackpot and Coinflip. The RustyPot Jackpot mode is a thrilling game where participants contribute items to a pool, with the winner taking all. The value of each player’s items determines their winning odds, creating a suspense-filled environment where anyone could emerge victorious. On the other hand, the RustyPot Coinflip is a fast-paced, 50/50 game mode. There, two players wager an equal amount, and a virtual coin is flipped to determine the winner, making it a game of pure chance. These diverse game modes cater to all types of risk-takers and strategy enthusiasts, making RustyPot an exciting playground for Rust betting. Whether you crave the adrenaline rush of the Jackpot or the swift thrill of the Coinflip, RustyPot offers an immersive gambling experience tailored for the Rust community.


RustyPot offers an effortless banking experience, making it a breeze for users to engage in transactions. The platform accepts deposits in the form of Rust skins and prepaid gift cards, which adds a layer of convenience for users who prefer these methods. Users can easily withdraw their winnings as Rust skins directly from the RustyPot store. RustyPot’s intuitive banking solutions make it a preferred choice for gamers and bettors alike. Some of the Rust skins you can purchase from the RustyPot marketplace include:

Alien Relic SMG, Big Grin, Glory AK47, Box From Hell, AK46 From Hell, Blackout Vest and Tea Vending Machine.

Payment Options

  • Rust Skins
  • Prepaid Gift Cards

Customer Service

The customer support via Discord offered by RustyPot is nothing short of impressive. The team is responsive, knowledgeable, and genuinely eager to help. They provide real-time solutions that are practical, making the whole process smooth and efficient. To top it off, the Discord community is full of friendly members who are willing to help out their fellow gamers, creating a welcoming and supportive environment. RustyPot’s commitment to customer service really shines through their Discord support. As previously mentioned, there is an on-site live chat widget but to use it you must deposit at least $25.

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Mobile Options

RustyPot may not have a dedicated mobile app, but that doesn’t detract from an exemplary mobile experience. The site’s web design is highly responsive, adapting seamlessly to various screen sizes. Users can effortlessly navigate through the site, engage in games, and interact with the community right from their mobile browsers. The absence of an app is hardly felt, thanks to the smooth and intuitive interface. The layout, load times, and overall performance are optimized to perfection on mobile devices. In essence, RustyPot has gone above and beyond to ensure a top-notch mobile experience for its users, proving that a stellar mobile site can indeed rival any app.

Player Safety & Security

When it comes to user security and safety, this Rust skin gambling site lacks a little. The lack of a gambling license and any responsible gambling information is a significant red flag, although not entirely uncommon for sites in this niche. Users are urged to exercise caution, understanding that they are essentially gambling at their own risk. The absence of transparent responsible gambling policies can potentially lead to issues with player safety, game fairness, and general accountability. These factors should be carefully considered before engaging in any form of wagering on this platform. That being said, we have never experienced any issues playing on RustyPot and that is why we recommend it.

RustyPot Affiliate Programme

The RustyPot affiliate programme breaks new ground in the realm of commission-based earning opportunities. Its innovative approach grants affiliates the chance to earn up to a 10% commission, a rate that outshines many similar programmes. This programme is not just about monetary benefits; it’s about becoming part of a community that encourages growth, interaction, and shared success. With the RustyPot affiliate programme, you don’t just earn, you belong. Simply click on the ‘Affiliates’ link and set up your RustyPot referral code.

Our Verdict

At a glance, RustyPot manages to score a commendable 7.2 out of 10 in our review. This rating acknowledges its ability to deliver an enjoyable and fun-filled experience, justifying its popularity among users. Even amidst whispers of potential security concerns, it’s crucial to underline the fact that our interactions with the platform have been nothing short of safe and gratifying. The thrill factor that RustyPot brings to the table is undoubtedly its unique selling point, setting it apart from other platforms in its niche.

Nevertheless, we cannot overemphasize the importance of practising safe online behaviour. While RustyPot ensures a secure environment, the responsibility of maintaining a secure and positive user experience ultimately rests on the shoulders of the users. Be mindful of your online activity, and build your enjoyment on a foundation of safety, and RustyPot can indeed offer a delightful way to pass the time.

  • Game Selection
  • Customer Support
  • Payment Options
  • Safety & Security
Overall Rating 7.2/ 10


Is RustyPot legit?

RustyPot is indeed a legitimate platform that has carved a niche for itself in the Rust gaming community. With a clean and user-friendly interface, it provides an immersive experience for its users. It stands out due to its commitment to transparency and fair play, ensuring a level playing field for all its users.

Are RustyPot game modes provably fair?

RustyPot indeed stands out for its commendable commitment to fairness in game modes. The platform’s use of a provably fair system ensures that the outcome of each game is entirely random and transparent. This system operates on cryptographic algorithms, making it impossible for anyone, player or host, to manipulate results. Every player is provided with a unique hash before each game round, verifying the round’s integrity and fostering a sense of trust and fairness.

Which game modes are available at RustyPot?

RustyPot offers a couple of exciting game modes, ensuring a thrilling experience for all its users. The first mode is RustyPot Coinflip, a classic game where players have a fifty-fifty chance of winning. It’s a game of luck and strategy where you can wager against other players, creating an adrenaline-fueled atmosphere. The second mode is RustyPot Jackpot, where the stakes are high and the rewards even higher. This mode allows many different players to compete against each other, with the pot going to one lucky winner. Win a Rust Jackpot today by playing these game modes!

How do you withdraw Rust skins at Rusty Pot?

Withdrawing Rust skins at Rusty Pot is an uncomplicated and straightforward process. You’ll need to visit the marketplace, a hub filled with a plethora of unique, exciting, and aesthetically pleasing skins waiting to be owned. Browse through the collection and purchase the skins that catch your fancy. After the purchase, these skins are typically added to your Rusty Pot inventory. From there, you can withdraw them anytime at your convenience to flaunt in your Rust game, giving your avatar a personalized and distinct look.

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