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Casino Info
  • Website tf2easy.com
  • Established 2016
  • Licences N/A
  • Company TF2Easy
  • Affiliate Programme TF2Easy Affiliates
  • Claim free coins every 15 minutes
  • Well established TF2 gambling site
  • Provably fair game modes
  • Large player base
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  • Bonus: Get 20 coins for free
  • Wagering: 35x
  • Max bet size: N/a
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Founded in 2016, TF2Easy has carved its niche as a renowned gambling website in the Team Fortress 2 (TF2) community. Providing a platform for TF2 enthusiasts to engage in a unique and thrilling betting experience, TF2Easy leverages the thrill of the game to bring a whole new level of excitement. At TF2Easy.com, users can gamble their TF2 items in a secure, fair, and transparent environment. The platform’s commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction has made it a popular choice among TF2 players seeking a trustworthy, user-friendly gambling experience. Whether you are new to TF2 gambling or a seasoned veteran, TF2Easy caters to all player levels, ensuring an engaging and rewarding experience for all.

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We bring you an exciting offer from TF2Easy – an opportunity to expand your gaming experience without any cost. By simply using the promo code ‘VIPERSLOTS’, you will be instantly awarded 20 free coins. These coins can be used to step up your game, unlock new levels, or even trade for exclusive items. Don’t miss out on this unique chance to enhance your TF2Easy journey for free!

How To Claim 20 Free Coins

  • Visit TF2 using our link.
  • Login via your Steam account.
  • Click on Promocode.
  • Input our promo code: VIPERSLOTS into the box.

Free Daily Coins

For all those gaming aficionados out there, here’s a piece of information that will surely pique your interest. TF2Easy.com, a leading gaming platform, now offers you an unprecedented chance to claim free daily TF2Easy Coins! Yes, it’s truly as simple as it sounds. Just click ‘Free Coins’ and voila, you can claim this bounty every quarter of an hour. Don’t fret if you’re unsure about how to proceed. Just adhere to the following steps:

  1. Add #TF2EASY to your Steam name. 
  2. Join their vibrant Steam Group.
  3. Ensure your balance is 0.00 (zero balance). 
  4. Ascend to at least level 8 on the website. 
  5. Hit the ‘I want free coins’ button.
  6. Patiently wait for their verification that you’ve fulfilled all the necessary steps. 

Once accomplished, the door to a multitude of wins opens wide for you! Keep in mind, that these free coins are available every 15 minutes, so stay alert and keep immersing in the game. Let’s embark on this thrilling adventure together. Game on, players!

TF2Easy Bonus Cases

In your journey through TF2Easy, extraordinary rewards await just around the corner with their Bonus Cases! As you venture deeper into your gaming experience, wagering on Coinflip, Jackpot, or Champion will not only intensify the thrill but also contribute to your XP. For every coin you wager where a minimum fee of 3.5% is taken, you’ll receive a whopping 100XP. So why wait? Start placing your wagers, climb those bonus tiers and watch your XP skyrocket, bringing you closer to those coveted Bonus Cases. Game on!

TF2Easy Games

TF2Easy boasts a variety of engaging and unique game modes, each offering a different gaming experience. The Jackpot mode is a thrilling contest of stakes, where players contribute to a common pot with the winner taking it all. TF2 Coinflip, on the other hand, is a game of chance and adrenaline – a 50/50 gamble that could double one’s stakes or empty their pockets. The Upgrader mode offers players a chance to enhance their weapons and gear for a better gaming experience. The Double mode, true to its name, offers players an opportunity to double their winnings, amplifying the excitement. Lastly, the Champion mode is for those who thirst for competition and glory, offering challenging fights and rewarding victories. TF2Easy ensures a provably fair gaming environment, where every keen player gets an equal opportunity to enjoy and win. Whether you’re a casual player or a gaming enthusiast, TF2Easy has something for everyone.


On this TF2 Gambling Site, they offer a wide array of banking options that prioritize security, accessibility, and convenience. Rust Skins, CSGO Skins, and TF2 Skins are all accepted as deposit methods, expanding the possibilities for gamers of differing preferences. While these options allow for flexibility in deposits, please note that withdrawals are facilitated exclusively via TF2 Skins. This is to ensure a streamlined and consistent withdrawal process for all users. To make a withdrawal, you will need to engage in a purchase via the TF2Easy skin marketplace. Once the transaction is successful, the skins will be sent directly to your inventory, making the process easy and efficient. Remember, at this TF2 Gambling Site, the owners strive to make your gaming and transactional experiences as enjoyable and secure as possible.

Payment Options

  • TF2 Skins
  • CS2 Skins
  • Rust Skins

Customer Service

At this TF2 betting site, they prioritize being available to answer your questions and resolve any concerns that may arise. TF2Easy understands that your experience on the platform matters, and that’s why they have equipped the site with a dedicated ticket system for customer support. Before you create a ticket, we recommend checking out the ‘How to?’ page. This resource has been meticulously crafted to provide answers to the most frequently asked questions. It’s a hub of valuable information designed to guide you effortlessly through your TF2 betting journey. Please note, that TF2Easy does not offer live chat or email support. The on-site ticket system enables the CS team to concentrate their efforts on quickly and effectively addressing each query, ensuring a smooth, enjoyable experience for all users.

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Mobile Options

TF2Easy offers user-friendly mobile options, eliminating the need for an additional app. The platform is fully responsive, and designed to optimize your experience across all devices. You can easily access all of the site features and services of TF2Easy from your mobile browser, taking the convenience of your gaming experience to the next level. The intuitive design ensures seamless navigation, making it easier than ever to trade Team Fortress 2 items on the go. This easy-to-use mobile option adds to the versatility of TF2Easy, creating a platform that truly meets gamers’ needs wherever they are, whenever they want.

Player Safety & Security

Player safety, security, and responsible gaming are paramount in the world of online skin gambling. However, it’s not uncommon for skin gambling sites to lack licensing and responsible gaming information. Despite this, there are often other measures in place to ensure user security. One such measure is the SSL certificate, a standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a server and a client. This encryption can protect sensitive data from being intercepted by malicious third parties. Moreover, secure sign-ins via established platforms like Steam add another layer of protection, ensuring that users’ personal information remains confidential and secure at all times. It’s critical, though, that players remain vigilant about their gaming habits, practising responsible gaming even on platforms where it isn’t explicitly promoted. The game modes are provably fair too. This means they are not rigged in any way, shaper or form. To find out more, visit the ‘Rigged?’ page.

TF2Easy Affiliate Programme

Participating in the TF2Easy affiliate programme offers a lucrative opportunity to both seasoned players and newcomers alike. It’s a simple yet rewarding system – invite new players to the site, and earn coins from their victories! So, what’s in it for you? When you recruit someone to the platform, not only do they receive a complimentary 20 points to kick-start their journey, but you’ll also be credited with 20 points. Moreover, you’ll earn a commission, ranging from 5% to 25%, in points based on the fee they charge your invited player upon their win. In addition, you’ll gain 0.75% from all double and upgrades your invitees play.

But who can use your code? It’s available for players who’ve joined the site within the last 24 hours. However, please note that only those with TF2 Premium can utilize your code. Now, you might be wondering – why even gather these TF2Easy.com coins? These coins serve a functional purpose, as you can exchange them for TF2 items in the shop. So, don’t miss out on this rewarding opportunity to multiply your gains while expanding the TF2Easy community!

Our Verdict

Our verdict on TF2Easy is a solid 7.4 out of 10. This well-respected Team Fortress 2 gambling site boasts an impressive assortment of game modes that cater to a wide range of player preferences. However, it falls slightly short of perfection due to a notable absence of licence or responsible gaming information. These omissions can somewhat cloud the experience for players who value highly regulated and transparent gaming environments. Nevertheless, TF2Easy manages to shine with its substantial player base, which contributes to engaging gameplay and a vibrant community atmosphere. In summary, while there are areas for improvement, TF2Easy remains a popular choice among the TF2 gaming community.

  • Game Selection
  • Customer Support
  • Payment Options
  • Safety & Security
Overall Rating 7.4/ 10


Is TF2Easy legit?

Yes, TF2Easy is indeed a legitimate platform. Offering a variety of provably fair game modes, the TF2 platform uses advanced cryptographic techniques to ensure transparency and fairness in every game. Every transaction and outcome can be independently verified and audited, providing participants with a fair and trustworthy gaming experience.

How to withdraw skins from TF2Easy?

Withdrawing TF2 skins is a breeze. Simply purchase the TF2 skins you want from the site shop using your balance. You can then send your skins to your Steam inventory. You will receive them in a flash. It really is that simple.

Who owns TF2Easy.com?

The ownership of TF2Easy.com is not openly disclosed, and as of today, no credible source provides specific details regarding its proprietorship. This lack of transparency is not uncommon among skin gambling platforms, often due to privacy concerns or strategic reasons.

What is TF2 gambling?

TF2 gambling refers to the practice of wagering in-game items from Team Fortress 2, a popular multiplayer video game developed by Valve. These wagers usually take place on specialized gambling websites where players can stake their in-game items on the results of professional TF2 matches or on games of chance.

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