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Casino Info
  • Website yayskins.com
  • Established 2023
  • Licences N/A
  • Company LiqiSoftware Ltd
  • Affiliate Programme Yayskins Affiliates
  • CS2 Skin & crypto payment options
  • On-site live chat support
  • Bet Rakeback on wagers
  • Chat rain
Bonus Info
  • Bonus: 10% deposit bonus & bet Rakeback
  • Wagering: N/A
  • Max bet size: N/A
  • Min deposit: N/A
  • Bonus code: viperslots


Yayskins is a premier CS2 gambling site that emerged on the scene in 2023. Acting as a subsidiary of LiqiSoftware Ltd, this online platform serves as a vibrant hub for gamers to engage in various forms of betting related to Counter-Strike 2, one of the most popular multiplayer first-person shooter games. Yayskins has also instituted an affiliate programme, known as Yayskins Affiliates, to allow its dedicated community to earn real money rewards by referring new users to the site. This initiative demonstrates their commitment to fostering a lively and expanding community of dedicated gamers. To find out more about this skin betting site, keep on reading.

Yayskins Deposit Bonus

Boost your gaming experience with a Yayskins deposit bonus! An incredible opportunity to earn an additional 10% on your deposit. To claim this bonus, navigate to the ‘Wallet’ section, select ‘Bonus’, and input our exclusive promo code: viperslots. Enhance your gameplay with this attractive offer today!

Yayskins Bet Rakeback

Experience the thrill of gaming with Yayskins, where every bet you place comes with a bonus—a unique Rakeback feature. Now, your gaming adventure is not just about the chance to win, but also a guaranteed way to earn! With each wager you make, their Rakeback programme ensures you accumulate earnings that you can claim instantly. Explore a world where gaming meets instant earnings, and claim your Rakeback today! Make every bet count with Yayskins!

Case King Earnings

Step into the world of Case King and seize the opportunity to rule with distinction! As a Case King, you stand to earn a percentage every time someone opens your case, a reward fitting for your royal status. But, how does it all work? It’s simple. To climb the throne, look out for special cases marked with the Case King feature in case openings and battles. By opening these cases or matching an item more valuable than the current king, you snatch the crown and commence your 24-hour reign. During your reign, relish the perks of royalty as they share a portion of the earnings with you. But remember, the throne is always up for grabs, and your reign lasts as long as there is no more worthy successor. So, hold on to your crown, and relish the glory and earnings that come with being a Case King!

Loyalty Bonus

By incorporating ‘yayskins.com’ into your username, you unlock an exclusive Loyalty Bonus. This unique benefit offers an enticing 10% XP multiplier on each bet you place. This means, for each wager you make, you get the thrill of the game and accumulate additional points, accelerating your progress and enhancing your gaming journey. Remember, the more you play, the more you stand to gain with the site’s distinctive Loyalty Bonus.

Chat Rain

In the digital realm of CS2 betting, a unique feature awaits those who reach Level 5 – the ability to participate in Chat Rain’. The term ‘Rain’ in this context signifies a distribution of bonus points or credits, which ‘Rains’ down upon active users in the chatroom. This interactive feature not only promotes user engagement but also rewards consistent participants, making your journey to Level 5 well worth the effort. So, keep playing, keep engaging, and before you know it, you’ll be part of the thrilling Chat Rain experience.

Open Free Daily Cases

To unlock the privilege of opening Free Daily Cases, you’re required to reach Level 10. Achieving this level necessitates wagering real money. However, the excitement doesn’t stop there. Linking your account to the site’s Discord server is essential. This step ensures that you’re part of their dynamic online community, offering you access to daily-level cases. The intertwining of wagering and social interaction creates a unique and captivating gaming experience.

How To Claim Yayskins Deposit Bonus

  • Visit Yayskins using our link.
  • Click on ‘Wallet’.
  • Click on ‘Bonus’.
  • Input our promo code: viperslots.

Yayskins Games

Yayskins presents an exciting array of game modes designed to keep the thrill alive for every player. Among the prominent ones are CS2 Case Opening, Case Battles, CS2 Roulette, and CS2 Jackpot.

The CS2 Case Opening game mode offers a multitude of cases to choose from, intriguing ones like Ocean Blue and Mining Operation, or the high-risk, high-reward 50% Brawl option. Each case opening brings the opportunity to win highly sought-after skins, such as the M9 Bayonet or the AWP Graphite. In addition to this, there’s also the chance to obtain the rare Five-Seven StatTrak.

In Case Battles, players go head-to-head, opening the same cases simultaneously, where the one with the highest total value wins everything. The thrill of competition and the potential rewards make it a popular choice among players.

CS2 Roulette is a spin on the classic casino game. Place your bet, let the wheel spin, and hope that it lands on your chosen colour. It’s a simple game, but it’s incredibly gripping as you watch the wheel slow to a stop.

Lastly, CS2 Jackpot is a unique game where players bet their skins into a pot, and one lucky winner takes all. The more you bet, the higher your chance of winning, but even a 10% Knife bet can result in a momentous win.

In summary, Yayskins’ various game modes offer a multitude of ways to win coveted skins, catering to risk-takers and careful strategists alike.


At Yayskins, they offer a few banking options to cater to the diverse needs of all users. You have the flexibility to make deposits and withdrawals not only with CS2 Skins but also with a variety of cryptocurrencies. These include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Ripple, Litecoin, Tron, Tether USDT, and USDC. Each of these options has been carefully selected to ensure secure and swift transactions, enabling you to enjoy a seamless trading experience. Whether you’re a crypto enthusiast or a traditional CS2 Skin trader, Yayskins endeavors to provide banking solutions that align with your preferences.

Payment Options

  • CS2 Skins
  • Cryptocurrency

Customer Service

At Yayskins CS2 betting site, they pride themselves on delivering superior customer service to all users. The team of dedicated professionals is on hand 24/7 to assist you with queries, concerns, or issues that might arise during your betting experience. They strive to ensure a seamless, enjoyable, and secure betting environment. Their customer service extends beyond mere problem-solving; the team works closely with all users, garnering feedback, and continually improving the platform to suit your needs better. Yayskins believes that the commitment to exceptional customer service is what sets Yayskins CS2 apart in the competitive CS2 online betting landscape.

  • Live Chat: Click on the floating live chat widget to receive immediate support. A friendly agent will be happy to help you.
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Yayskins Case Opening

Mobile Options

Yayskins now brings you the thrill of CS2 gambling right at your fingertips, with no app required! Simply sign in via your Steam account and immerse yourself in the exhilarating world of CS2 Case Opening on your mobile device. Enjoy the convenience of anytime, anywhere access, transforming your smartphone into a portable gaming hub. Experience the thrill of revealing what’s inside each case, and who knows, you might just hit the Jackpot!

Player Safety & Security

Player safety and security are integral to the optimal gaming experience. Responsible gaming is a cornerstone of Yayskins commitment, with mechanisms in place to ensure a safe and enjoyable environment. The login process is fortified through Steam, a reputable platform known for its robust security measures. However, it’s essential to note that they operate without a licence. This detail does not undermine their unwavering dedication to maintaining a secure gaming environment, but instead emphasizes the commitment to transparency with all users.

Yayskins Affiliate Programme

At Yayskins, they believe in rewarding success and fostering a strong community through their affiliate programme. As an affiliate, you’ll earn alongside your affiliates every time they reach a significant milestone. 

Here’s how it works: 

Every time your affiliate reaches a predetermined milestone level, both you and your affiliate will share a reward. Let’s illustrate this: if the reward is indicated as 1.25 + 1.25, this means you will receive 1.25 coins, and likewise, your affiliate will also receive 1.25 coins. For instance, when your affiliate reaches level 10, both of you enjoy this reward. 

The affiliate programme is a testament to the brand’s commitment to supporting and rewarding the thriving CS2 gambling community. Join today and share in the success of Yayskins!

Our Verdict

Our verdict on Yayskins, the popular CS2 Case Opening site, is decidedly positive. As a platform for skin gambling, Yayskins excels in providing a diverse and appealing range of options for its users. Users can delve into the excitement of opening CS2 Cases, revealing various skins that add an aesthetic appeal to gameplay. The website is super-easy to navigate and offers a secure betting environment, making it a recommendable choice for both novice and seasoned CS2 gamblers. After a thorough review, we confidently give Yayskins an 8 out of 10.

  • Game Selection
  • Customer Support
  • Payment Options
  • Safety & Security
Overall Rating 8/ 10


Is Yayskins legit?

Yayskins has successfully carved a niche for itself. While it’s true that Yayskins doesn’t hold any formal licensing, the brand has consistently earned positive online reviews. Customers frequently praise the company’s seamless transactions and responsive customer service.

Which game modes are available on Yayskins?

Yayskins provides its users with various intriguing game modes to keep their engagement levels high. The first mode is ‘CS2 Case Opening’, a game of chance where players uncover valuable items tucked within virtual cases. Another game mode, ‘Case Battles’, pushes the envelope of excitement by pitching multiple players against each other, each striving to uncover the most valuable items from the cases. ‘CS2 Roulette’ is a classic game of risk where players bet on the outcome of a spinning wheel. Finally, ‘CS2 Jackpot’ offers a thrilling ride where players pool their items into a common pot, and a lucky draw determines the winner who takes them all.

Does Yayskins accept crypto?

Yes, Yayskins warmly welcomes the world of decentralized finance and accepts cryptocurrencies for deposits and withdrawals. This includes popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Ripple, Litecoin, Tron, Tether USDT, and USDC. The use of digital currencies adds a layer of convenience for users, making transactions faster, more efficient, and borderless. Please note, the confirmation time for each transaction may vary based on the particular network’s congestion and transaction fees.

Are Yayskins game modes provably fair?

Yes, Yayskins game modes are indeed provably fair. This means that the outcomes are not manipulated and are entirely based on chance, ensuring a fair experience for all players. The algorithm used by Yayskins to determine the outcome of games is open for everyone to see, which promotes transparency and trust. Thus, players can independently verify the fairness of each game, bolstering the credibility of Yayskins in the gaming community.

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