Top 10 Bitcoin Dice Sites

What Is Bitcoin Dice?

Bitcoin Dice is a simple and exciting online gambling game. It utilizes Bitcoin, one of the leading cryptocurrencies, as its primary mode of transaction. The game is based on the concept of rolling a dice, but unlike traditional dice games, Bitcoin Dice offers a wide range of betting options, providing users with a comprehensive and interactive gaming experience.

The unique feature of Bitcoin Dice is its provably fair system. This ensures each roll of the dice is random and transparent, fostering an environment of trust between the player and the platform. The result of each dice roll is determined by three elements: the server seed, client seed, and nonce. Players have the ability to verify each roll for fairness.

The essence of the game lies in predicting whether the roll of the dice will result in a number higher or lower than a chosen mid-point. If your prediction aligns with the result, you win the bet and the Bitcoin payout is almost instant. The simplicity of the game coupled with the potential for large payouts has made Bitcoin Dice highly popular in the online gambling community.

Bitcoin Dice Low House Edge

Bitcoin Dice also offers an attractive low house edge, typically around 1%. This means that players definitely stand a better chance of winning in comparison to traditional casinos. The low house edge coupled with the freedom to select your own odds makes Bitcoin Dice a strategic yet simple game.

One of the significant advantages of Bitcoin Dice is the anonymity it provides. Since transactions are made using Bitcoin, players can maintain their privacy and needn’t share sensitive personal information. The transaction fees are also minimal, making this game an economical choice.

Bitcoin Dice isn’t just about gambling, it’s also about community. Many platforms offer chat rooms where players can engage with each other, share strategies, and foster a sense of camaraderie. Some platforms also reward players with free Bitcoin for active participation.

In conclusion, Bitcoin Dice is not only a game but an experience. It combines the thrill of gambling, the strategic aspect of dice games, and the advantages of cryptocurrency, all under one roof. It’s a revolution in the world of online gaming, offering players a fun, fair, and potentially profitable gaming experience.

Top 10 Sites

  • Stake Casino Review
    Stake Casino
    10/ 10
    Bet Rakeback & Weekly/Monthly Bonuses
  • TrustDice Casino Review
    TrustDice Casino
    10/ 10
    Bonus Up To 3 BTC/$90,000 + 25 Spins
  • Rollbit Review
    10/ 10
    Bet Rakeback & Rollbit Rank Up Bonuses
  • BC.Game Casino Review
    BC.Game Casino
    10/ 10
    270% 1st Deposit Match
  • DuckDice Review
    10/ 10
    Claim Faucet & Rakeback
  • Sherbet Casino Review
    Sherbet Casino
    9.6/ 10
    Welcome Bonus Up To $250
  • Coins Game Casino Review
    Coins Game Casino
    9.6/ 10
    Spin The Wheel Free & Win Up To 8.88 BTC
  • Rocketpot Casino Review
    Rocketpot Casino
    9.5/ 10
    100% Bonus Up To $10,000
  • FortuneJack Casino Review
    FortuneJack Casino
    9.4/ 10
    Welcome Package Up To 6 BTC + 350 Spins
  • Gamdom Casino Review
    Gamdom Casino
    9/ 10
    Get Rakeback & Regular Bonuses

Bitcoin Dice Rules

Unlike traditional dice games, Bitcoin Dice has its own set of rules and strategies. The game initially begins with the player choosing a number between 1 and 100. The player then bets on whether the result of the Bitcoin Dice roll will be higher or lower than the chosen number. The player can adjust the ‘payout’ or ‘win chances’ settings to control the risk and reward ratio of the game. A higher payout means a lower win chance, and vice versa. After placing the bet, the player rolls the dice, and the outcome is instantly available.

The game uses a provably fair system to ensure transparency and fairness. Each roll’s outcome is determined by a random number generator that can be independently verified by the player. While the game primarily relies on luck, some strategies can help maximize winnings.

One popular strategy is the Martingale strategy, where after every loss, the player doubles their bet. This strategy aims to recover past losses and gain a profit when the player finally wins. However, this strategy can quickly drain the player’s Bitcoin balance if they hit a losing streak.

Another strategy is the D’Alembert strategy, which is a bit safer. In this strategy, the player increases their bet by 1x after every loss and decreases it by 1x after each win. This strategy is designed to recover losses over a longer period and is less likely to result in a drained balance. It’s crucial to remember that, like all forms of gambling, Bitcoin Dice should be played responsibly. Never bet more Bitcoin than you can afford to lose, and always set limits on your play to ensure that you stay within your budget. Bitcoin Dice is meant to be a fun, exciting game – let’s keep it that way.

Bitcoin Dice Game

Which Is The Best Bitcoin Dice Site?

Choosing the best Bitcoin Dice site largely depends on the individual preferences of players. Factors such as platform reliability, provable fairness, prompt customer service, and a user-friendly interface can significantly enhance the gaming experience. Moreover, customization options and the potential for social interaction may also be important considerations for some players. It’s worth remembering that while a site may have an impressive array of features, the best site for you is one that fits your specific needs and preferences. Always make sure to do thorough research and consider various aspects before settling on your choice. All of the sites in our top 10 list above are top-class, safe and fair.

Popular Dice Sites

  • Blackjack.fun Casino Review
    Blackjack.fun Casino
    10/ 10
    Up To 20% Cashback & 200% Bonus
  • Crypto-Games.io Casino Review
    Crypto-Games.io Casino
    9.6/ 10
    100% Bonus Up To 10,000 USDT
  • Celsius Casino Review
    Celsius Casino
    9.6/ 10
    Bonus Up To €500
  • Bets.io Casino Review
    Bets.io Casino
    9.5/ 10
    100% Up To 1 BTC + 100 Free Spins
  • Cbet Casino Review
    Cbet Casino
    9/ 10
    Up To €/$400, CAD500
  • Bitvest Review
    9/ 10
    Free Crypto Faucet
  • Metaspins Casino Review
    Metaspins Casino
    8.9/ 10
    100% Up To 1 BTC
  • Chips.gg Review
    Chips.gg Casino
    8.9/ 10
    Claim Rakeback On Every Bet
  • Betcoin.ag Casino Review
    Betcoin.ag Casino
    8.9/ 10
    100% Up To 1 BTC + 1 Free Spin
  • K8.io Casino Review
    K8.io Casino
    8.8/ 10
    Win Up To 1 BTC On The Lucky Wheel!
  • Rich Prize Casino Login
    Rich Prize Casino
    8.7/ 10
    300% Bonus Up To $3,000 + 50 Free Spins
  • Shuffle Casino Review
    Shuffle Casino
    8.5/ 10
    Level Up & Earn VIP Bonuses
  • Weiss.Bet Casino Review
    Weiss.Bet Casino
    8.5/ 10
    Spin The Free Prize Slot Every 24 Hours
  • Sunplay Casino Review
    Sunplay Casino
    8.5/ 10
    Welcome Package Up To 300 USDT
  • BitKong Review
    8.5/ 10
    1260% Deposit Bonus + Faucet
  • Flush Casino Review
    Flush Casino
    8.5/ 10
    100% Up To $200
  • CryptoLeo Casino Review
    CryptoLeo Casino
    8.5/ 10
    150% Bonus Up To 3,000 USDT
  • eBit.gg Review
    8.4/ 10
    Claim 9 Free Spins & Win Up To $10,000
  • Big Wins Casino Review
    Big Wins Casino
    8.4/ 10
    100% Up To 250 €/$/USDT
  • HunnyPlay Casino Review
    HunnyPlay Casino
    8.4/ 10
    Welcome Package Up To $500
  • Solcasino.io Review
    8.4/ 10
    Earn Daily, Weekly & Monthly Bonuses
  • CoinKings Casino Review
    CoinKings Casino
    8.3/ 10
    100% Bonus Up To Unlimited Amount + 100 Free Spins
  • Kryptosino Casino Review
    Kryptosino Casino
    8.3/ 10
    100% Up To $1,000
  • RainBet Casino Review
    8.3/ 10
    Get Daily, Weekly & Monthly Bonuses
  • 0x.bet Casino Review
    0x.bet Casino
    8.3/ 10
    Up to €1,000 + 300 Free Spins
  • Lucky Block Casino Review
    Lucky Block Casino
    8.2/ 10
    200% Up To $/€25,000 + 50 Free Spins
  • CryptoZpin Casino Review
    8.2/ 10
    100% Up To €300 + 15 Free Spins
  • Leebet Casino Review
    Leebet Casino
    8.2/ 10
    Win Up To 1 BTC Every 12 Hours
  • RuneHall Review
    8.1/ 10
    Earn Rakeback, Level Up & Monthly Bonuses
  • Splits.gg Review
    8.1/ 10
    Claim 50 Cents & Play For Free
  • Solisbet Casino Review
    Solisbet Casino
    8.1/ 10
    Welcome Package Up To €1,200
  • WinDice Review
    8/ 10
    Progressive Crypto Faucet
  • Roobet Casino Review
    8/ 10
    Get Daily/Weekly/Monthly Bonuses
  • Moon Roll Casino Review
    Moon Roll Casino
    7.9/ 10
    Welcome Package Up To $10,000
  • Crypto.Games Review
    7.8/ 10
    Crypto Faucet – Claim Every 3 Minutes
  • Runestake Casino Review
    Runestake Casino
    7.8/ 10
    Gamble For Free – No Deposit Required!
  • EarnBet Casino Review
    EarnBet Casino
    7.7/ 10
    Grab A $50 Bitcoin Bonus
  • LTC Casino Review
    LTC Casino
    7.6/ 10
    $15,000 Slot Races
  • Rocket.run Review
    7.4/ 10
    Free Space Dollars (SPD)
  • MintDice Review
    7.3/ 10
    Free Crypto Faucet
  • WinTomato Casino Review
    WinTomato Casino
    7.3/ 10
    Claim Free Crypto 40 Times Per Day
  • ETHPLAY Casino Review
    7.1/ 10
    No KYC & VPN Friendly
  • NanoGames.io Review
    7/ 10
    Win Up To 1 BTC On The Daily Wheel
  • BCH.games Review
    7/ 10
    Get Free Bitcoin Cash
  • Sicodice Review
    7/ 10
    Free Crypto Faucet
  • DakeBits Casino Review
    DakeBits Casino
    7/ 10
    Earn Bet Rakeback & Other Juicy Rewards


Are Bitcoin Dice sites legit?

Yes, Bitcoin Dice sites can indeed be legitimate. However, as with any online platform, it’s important to perform due diligence before participating. With the increasing popularity of cryptocurrencies, many Bitcoin Dice sites have emerged, offering a variety of games for users. All of the sites on our top 10 list can be trusted for their reputable operations, solid customer service and commitment to fair play. As always, it’s crucial to understand the rules and to gamble responsibly.

Is Bitcoin Dice legal?

Yes, Bitcoin Bice is legal, provided that the use of digital currencies and gambling are deemed lawful in your country. It’s essential to understand that the legality of Bitcoin and similar digital currencies varies significantly around the globe. Some countries embrace them with open arms, while others have imposed strict regulations or complete bans. Similarly, the legality of gambling also varies. Therefore, it’s crucial to familiarize yourself with the laws in the region where you reside to ensure compliance.

Is Bitcoin Dice provably fair?

Yes, the Bitcoin Dice game is provably fair. This means that the outcomes are not manipulated and are completely transparent, allowing players to verify the fairness of each roll. However, this is under the condition that gambling is legal in your country. As with any form of gambling, always ensure you are abiding by the laws of your jurisdiction before participating.

What is the Martingale strategy?

The Martingale strategy is a betting approach that originated in 18th-century France and is commonly used in games that offer a 50/50 chance of winning, like roulette. The primary idea is to double your bet after every single loss so that your first win would recover all of your previous losses, plus win a profit that equals the original stake. While theoretically sound, the strategy requires a significant bankroll and is not without risk, as a long losing streak can quickly deplete one’s resources.