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Casino Info
  • Website
  • Established 2021
  • Licences N/A
  • Company RustMoment
  • Affiliate Programme RustMoment Affiliates
  • Provably fair game modes
  • Crypto payments accepted
  • Multiple payment options
  • Fast Rust skin withdrawals
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  • Bonus: Claim free coins every 15 minutes
  • Wagering: N/A
  • Max bet size: N/A
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RustMoment, a vibrant and thrilling Rust skin gambling site, was established in 2021 to bring a new level of excitement to online gambling. It is no ordinary gambling site. They offer a diverse and dynamic gaming experience that caters specifically to Rust players. A place where the thrill of the game meets the excitement of betting, RustMoment is the ultimate destination for Rust gambling enthusiasts around the globe. Since their inception, they have been dedicated to providing a secure, fair, and enjoyable gaming environment.

Their robust security systems ensure the safety of all transactions, and their commitment to fairness is unwavering. Whether you’re an expert gambler or a novice Rust gamer, RustMoment caters to all types of players. They are constantly evolving, expanding the game selection to keep the excitement alive. Join RustMoment and dive into the thrilling world of Rust skin gambling today!

RustMoment Bonus

Join the buzz at RustMoment and enjoy the thrill of winning! Claim your free coins every 15 minutes – a constant stream of rewards to keep your gaming spirits high. Exciting, isn’t it? But that’s not all. Take advantage of a warm welcome to new players. Use the promo code: VIPERSLOTS during sign-up and get a whopping 500 coins sign-up bonus. 

It’s their way of saying thanks for choosing them. The rewards and bonuses are designed with you in mind. They don’t just want you to play; they want you to have the best gaming experience possible. So sign up, claim your rewards, and start your journey to becoming a RustMoment VIP today. Let the games begin!

How To Claim RustMoment Free Coins

  • Visit RustMoment using the link on this page.
  • Login via your Steam account.
  • Search for the ‘Free Tab’ and click it.
  • Input our promo code: VIPERSLOTS in the affiliate code box.

To claim any free coins you must set up your trade URL, join the site’s Discord server and verify it. If you meet all of these requirements you are good to go. Players can also claim bet Rakeback that can be claimed instantly by clicking on the ‘Rakeback’ tab.

RustMoment Review

RustMoment Games

RustMoment takes skin gambling to the next level. They offer an array of game modes—each one designed to offer a very unique and thrilling experience. Let’s dive right in.

First off, they have Roulette, a classic game that never loses its charm. It’s a game of chance, a spinning wheel, and a dash of luck. Will you play it safe, or risk it all on a single number? The choice is yours.

Next up is Mines, a strategic and suspenseful game that tests your nerves and intuition. It’s all about risking and revealing—can you avoid the hidden mines?

The Tower game mode is next. It’s a steady climb to the top. Will you cash out early, or push for the summit? It’s a game of risk and reward, as you decide whether to climb or play it safe.

Looking for something different? Check out their original X-Games. They’re provably fair, offering a level playing field for all. It’s all about luck.

Craving some adrenaline rush? Rust case opening is the ticket. It’s a game mode of anticipation and surprise—what will your case hold?

Lastly, they have Case Battles. It’s a head-to-head competition, where you battle it out with another player. Who will get the better loot? Only one way to find out.

Each game mode at RustMoment is designed to test your tactics, thrill your senses, and keep you coming back for more. Your next big win could be just a game away!


RustMoment offers a multitude of banking options, featuring both traditional and modern transaction methods. Players can deposit and withdraw Rust Skins but can also deposit using popular cryptocurrencies, enabling seamless, secure, and instant transactions. With this, RustMoment brings gaming and digital currency together, making the trading of Rust Skins more accessible and efficient. It’s the present and future of gaming commerce.

The only withdrawal method available is via Rust skins. To withdraw you have to purchase the Rust skins you want using your account balance. Then you are able to send them to your Steam wallet where they will be available quickly. Make sure you set up your Steam trade URL.

Payment Options

  • Rust Skins
  • Cryptocurrency

Customer Service

RustMoment shines when it comes to Discord server support—fast, efficient, and reliable. Have an issue? Reach out. A response? It’s practically immediate but you have to download Discord and create an account. They’re there when you need them, whatever the hour. It’s like having a tech guru in your corner—all the time. Regrettably, one downside is glaring: no live chat. A disappointing absence in their instant-gratification era. We crave real-time interaction and immediate answers. And there, RustMoment falls short. But let’s not forget the lightning-fast Discord. The support is there—it’s just one channel short.

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Mobile Options

Experience RustMoment on the go, no app needed. Simply access our platform via your mobile browser. Sign in via the RustMoment login page and gain instant access to all your favourite features. You’ll find a mobile-optimized platform that is user-friendly, ensuring a smooth and consistent experience. Whether you’re at home, on a break, or on a journey, RustMoment is just a tap away. Mobile accessibility allows you to stay connected, informed, and engaged wherever you are. With RustMoment, you’re always in the moment.

Player Safety & Security

RustMoment, despite its charm, is very disappointing in terms of player safety and security. There’s no licence visible, a glaring oversight in the gaming industry. Surprisingly, information on responsible gambling is also absent. Yet, oddly enough, we’ve never had an issue playing there. The games ran smoothly, with no hitches. Game platforms must prioritize security. They need to educate players about responsible gambling. It’s not just about playing; it’s about playing responsibly. Be cautious. Enjoy your game, but always, safety first.

RustMoment Affiliate Programme

Join the RustMoment affiliate programme and unlock new earning potentials! Create your own personal RustMoment creator code and share it with the world. Every time a player uses your promo code, you earn! It’s that easy. Enjoy a 2.5% cut on every mode that your code activates. With RustMoment, you’re not just playing; you’re earning. Start turning your gaming passion into profit today! Don’t just play—profit. Join RustMoment. Let your code do the work. A fun, exciting, and rewarding gaming experience is waiting. It’s your moment. Make it count with RustMoment. Don’t wait. Start earning today!

Our Verdict

RustMoment is a platform that is recommended for its easy-to-navigate site design and its commitment to improved security measures. The interface is user-friendly, ensuring that even first-time visitors can find their way around with ease. RustMoment takes security seriously, with robust systems in place that are designed to protect user data and transactions. It’s a provably fair platform, meaning that the outcomes of games are transparent and can be independently verified for fairness. However, the site is not complacent, recognizing that there’s always room to bolster security features. With ongoing work to make advances in this area, RustMoment continually strives to enhance user confidence and trustworthiness. This constant evolution ensures that RustMoment remains at the forefront of delivering safe, secure, and fair gaming experiences.

  • Game Selection
  • Customer Support
  • Payment Options
  • Safety & Security
Overall Rating 6.8/ 10


Is RustMoment legit?

RustMoment is completely legitimate. With a reputation built over a short period of time, it’s a platform many skin gamblers trust. Players always enjoy playing there. The user interface is friendly and intuitive. They prioritize user experience, ensuring seamless navigation. The games are fair, exciting, and engaging. Remember, always play responsibly. Enjoy the thrill, but don’t let it consume you. RustMoment is about fun, fairness, and creating wonderful gaming experiences. It’s legit, it’s reliable, it’s RustMoment.

Are RustMoment games provably fair?

Yes, games on RustMoment are provably fair. This means the outcome of each game is entirely transparent and can be verified by anyone. The fairness of the games is guaranteed through the use of cryptography, which leaves no room for manipulation or cheating. Each game result is determined by both the player and the server’s inputs, ensuring a fair and unbiased outcome. This level of transparency is a testament to RustMoment’s commitment to fairness and credibility.

Does RustMoment accept cryptocurrency payments?

RustMoment is indeed ahead of the curve! The platform has embraced modern payment forms and now accepts cryptocurrency. Whether you’re a Bitcoin enthusiast or an Ethereum aficionado, your digital assets are welcome. Just select the cryptocurrency option and follow the prompts for a seamless transaction. Remember, these are for deposits only. Ensure you have enough cryptocurrency to complete your deposit. Embrace the future of transactions at RustMoment today!

How to withdraw skins from RustMoment?

First of all, you need to head to the ‘Market’ page. You have to buy the Rust skins that you want and purchase them using your account balance. Once you do so, you are then able to send your newly purchased skins to your Steam wallet so make sure that you have added your Steam trade URL.

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